🤮 An easier way to organize Worflows and folders

As apps become bigger, the number of workflows can avalanche quickly. And for single-page mobile apps, this is 10x a problem.

:file_folder: The least bit of functionality for organization that I’d like is to control + click workflows so I can add them in bulk to folders.

:pray: The ideal functionality that I’d love to see is a popup list of all my workflows and checkbox them so I can organize them into folders, tag them, re-color them, add prefixes to their names in bulk.

@allenyang For a future hackathon, maybe? :pray: :pray::pray::pray:


Agreed. I’d settle for the basic file/folder management functionality seen in most OS’s, which is drag and drop to arrange along with the ability to tag and color.


This would be amazing!

Along those lines, I also think folders should be copied along with the workflows when copy-pasting with workflows.

And the ability to copy workflows in folders between pages and reusable elements. Breaking everything just because you spent time making the workflow ordered is incredibly frustrating.

E.g. Build a single page app. Make an element that has multiple workflows. Be smart and structure it in folders. Grow you app, realize that you could make use of the same element in other places. Be smart, make it into a reusable element. Break everything, pull your hair out.

Or. Build a multipage app, Dev a function/element in a sandbox page. Be smart and structure it in folders. Move it out of the sandbox. Break everything, pull your hair out.

According to the dev team, this is “expected behaviour” as Bubble doesn’t allow you to move folders. So, it sounds like this would require a lot of work to implement (i.e. other stuff to focus on).

Even a simple tag system would be better. The same way a workflow can have a colour, let it have a tag and let us sort on tags or something. :persevere:

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Good idea! As long as it can be done in bulk (control-click and set tags).

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Literally tried this yesterday, just in case it had been implemented. No luck.
Many needed, much use cases.


if you click the top part of the workflow, the condition, it gives you a drop down to move the workflow into folderScreen Shot 2020-11-22 at 3.34.54 PM

Thanks, however, notice that we’re talking about enhancements to the folder feature—bulk organizational features, tags, coloring, etc.

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