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An honest answer please

Started working on an web app recently on bubble after discovering this powerful programming tool.

While testing my changes on mobile and desktop, i keep getting moody glitches and unresponsiveness, i have the best connection, and im not talking about bugs, or big data retreival.

I would like an honest answer, whether Bubble has the Performance quality needed to serve a serious app that would serve a lot of visitors, i dont want those glitches to happen when live.

As i said, the idea of bubble is revolutionary but unfortunately the performance side discouraged quite a bit.

i see alot of users here building apps on bubble, so maybe im missing something.


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Can you please elaborate? This is a very vague statement.

The only question for me to answer that you ask is

Do you have a better description of the replies you’re seeking?

I don’t have experience hosting an app on Bubble with thousands of users, let alone 100k or 1M+. Maybe one day. But even if I end up building a production-ready app, I’d rather do that after testing a MVP with 500-1000 users built on Bubble. Most people that are new to an app and love it don’t care if there are bugs if you solve a problem for them. I’ve had Bubble go down on me (1+ years ago) and it was rectified quickly. Did users care? Nope. They came back and then some.

I don’t have much more to say other than if Bubble is not the tool that’s right for you, find another tool :slight_smile: Definitely more options out there.

@cheskiefisch, I appreciate your question and your concern.

It seems to me that Bubble continues to get better and better over time. A year ago, the answer to your question would likely be that Bubble would pose significant constraints to building a sophisticated, high-growth website. Today, it’s a much better tool that can do a whole lot more and that poses fewer and fewer constraints, but it’s not to the point where you’ll want to run a site with 1M+ users on it imo. But, it may be next year, or the year after it very well may be.

So, we’re definitely a bit early to the game. Bubble clearly isn’t as flexible as custom code and not as scaleable as custom code, but it’s much quicker and cheaper to build upon. For me, it seems worth that trade-off, but we’re just starting to launch our high growth business so this is still a question I wonder about myself and continue to collect data on – would be interested to hear what others say.

I know Bubble can take us some of the way. And, I hope they can continue to improve as quickly as my business will need them to. So far, they’ve done it.