Bubble performance - editor deterioration in last 2 weeks


I have been building an app in bubble for the last 3 months, and we are nearing completion.

Over the past 2 weeks, I have noticed substantial performance deterioration when using the bubble editor (on page view), and today this has got the to the point where the editor is almost unusable.

For example, any click’s resulting “action” has a lag of approximately 2 seconds, which cumulatively makes things not usable. For example, when I click on an element, it will take 2 seconds to open up element properties, or even to scroll up/down a page there is a substantial time lag.

Could someone from the bubble support team confirm if there are ongoing performance challenges that make the reliability/performance issues that I am currently experiencing expected?

I was originally hoping on relying on bubble at least up to a very good MVP level, but the recent experiences make me very concerned to rely upon bubble for any serious business venture.

I really like bubble as a concept, but if these performance issues persist, it makes it very difficult for me to see the tool as something that can be used as more than for hobby projects, and we’ll need to start considering alternatives…

Of course, I’m also open to the idea that I am doing something wrong in bubble, however this isn’t so obvious to me right now as to what that could be.

As I say, I do like the platform, so don’t take as any outright criticism, more just looking for honest guidance on what kind of performance/reliability I can expect, and if this is fit for truly running a business on top.

Note: I have done all the standard things of exiting my browser/clearing the cache, and some of the pages where I experience these issues have even very few elements.

Many thanks in advance!

Hello @darius

Are you building a complex one page web or app with a lot of plugins? Have you update to version 6? Have you tried to add some capacity (credits) to see?

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Hi @JohnMark

Thanks for your reply.

Is this an issue which you have experienced previously at all? I’m trying to better understanding if this is my doing (through somehow “misusing” bubble), or bubble itself.

In response to your comments:

1 - no, not building a complex one page app - have experienced this issue even on a page with very few elements
2 - only plugins which are being using extensively across the app are: ionic checkboxes, Calendar Grid Pro
3 - yes, updated on 04/03/2020

This was the reply I received from bubble

  • The Bubble editor is optimal if used with Google Chrome
  • The Bubble editor saves a lot of information in your browser cache to save all your changes. Refreshing your browser at least every hour can be very helpful.
  • You can also turn off the issue checker temporarily by adding ‘issues_off=true’ parameter to the app editor URL. Bear in mind that with this setup you will be able to publish live your application with issues so be extra careful while publishing live if you have the issue checker turned off.

Unfortunately, I have already been using google chrome, and clearing my cache, but I’ll start to clear my cache more religiously every hour to see if this helps.

Otherwise, if I continue to see these issues, I will file a bug report, but in general these recent experiences have dented my confidence in bubble. I would be less concerned about the lack of platform portability if these experiences weren’t in my mind, but no platform portability + reliability challenges make for an uncomfortable position.

Any other suggestions for me to try would appreciate too :slight_smile:


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I’ve noticed this as well. I’m hoping it’s just some issues being sorted out, because it was much better beforehand.

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Okay, good to know at least some others in the same boat.

Yes, things are much better right now, so seems to be an intermittent problem, but it got to the point yesterday where we had to down all tools and stop using bubble for a couple of hours as the editor was lagging too much to make it useable.

The “best practice” advice I received from bubble doesn’t unfortunately isolate anything that I have been doing wrong (although of course this is still possible).

Really like bubble, and have found it to be an amazing tool, but am now wondering how smart a decision it is to build an application on top of it which I need to rely upon for more than a hobby project etc.

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I kept coming across such issues from past one week.
Also app takes too much time to load.
I’m concerned as I’m planning to launch my app next week

@sanjuujosephh Are the issues you are experiencing also in the “editor view”? That is, as you are editing the app. This is the case for us (and we have tried across multiple internet connections, devices, user logins etc).

Have you tried anything which has improved the situation, or just waited until it goes back to normal?

Yes agree, it’s unsettling - don’t feel in control of a critical area.

Not sure if you’ve tried, but I’ve noticed when it gets laggy, I’ll go ahead and close out of the browser, and open a new editor. It sometimes does the trick. Also, only having one browser editor open at a time. Just a suggestion.

@sanjuujosephh, I haven’t noticed any slowness in the actual production app, for the users… I was more so talking about the editor. So I wouldn’t be too concerned with launching an app or deployments.

Couple of times on editor but mostly loading bubble app itself. Page load error, force reload to make something work, input fields stop working, takes 15sec to load a site, not just my sites I came across it with templates as well. I have super good internet but it still too so much time.


Great thanks thanks for the suggestion - yes this is what I have been doing as well (closing my browser, and clearing cache etc). The truth is that sometimes this helps, and sometimes it doesn’t - for example, yesterday following this process didn’t seem to improve the lagging issues.

Yes - my experiences also relate to “editor only”, as our app isn’t yet in production.

Hopefully these issues resolve themselves, but I did have a look at wappler yesterday too, as feel a need to plan for a scenario where these issues remain or become worse.


I haven’t used Bubble in almost a month, so I haven’t done the latest update. When I have problems with my Browser, I go to my Amazon Windows Server virtual machine and look at the behavior. So I can validate. The majority of cases is a problem with my machine or, above all, a temporary problem with the internet. Currently, with the crisis, the Internet tends to make its own.

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