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SOLVED - Paid plan - Performance improved?

Hello Bubblers,

My application is almost ready for production, but I have a big concern regarding the bad performance of the way my 'free" bubble application.
Does the upgrade to a paid version improve the application speed or is it similar ? There is no information on the Personal or Professional plan regarding these kind of question.

Thanks in advance for the feedback !

I don’t know of any performance differences, but what are you experiences with regards to “bad performance?” There are many ways to build an application on Bubble, and some techniques are definitely better performing than others. What specifically are you experiencing?

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I’ve been using the “free” version for quite a while in building my app and haven’t seen any performance issues except for the occasional system wide issues. I would plan that there will be system outages and have a message ready to go no matter what you are using to build it with :wink:

What other options are you looking at for building your app with?

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It does when you’re on a dedicated plan, not Professional and Personal.

Today is a tough day, we’re working on it. It’s usually more stable though.


With every issue resolved or difficult day faced, Bubble becomes stronger. I think we see that in our own program development as well. A little dose of optimism for everyone:)


Hello Everyone, and thanks a lot for your feedbacks.

@emmanuel I will have a look at te ‘status page’ in the future, I was not aware such page exist. I made new test this morning and it’s quite better performance than yesterday, and the status report shows it !

@potentialthings to answer the question "what are you experiences with regards to “bad performance?” it goes up to 3 seconds to display a simple list of things in a black page with nothing else (and my database was nearly empty : 3 records)

@john3 I do not have other option at this stage, Bubble is so easy to work with that I go 10 times faster than using for example the Symfony framework (if I had to do it manually)

I must admit that Bubble is an incredible product, keep the good work !