An investment round by bubble users


Is there any way i can invest money in bubble?

I’m positive bubble is going to become a big thing soon, i want to get a share of it.

I would suggest bubble to open up for bubble users to be able to invest and get a share.

We user’s know the value of bubble, and the funds might help alot for bubble to improve its systems and hire talent.

Maybe eventually some user might bring in external investors


Everything I’ve read from Emmanuel makes me think they don’t want any outside investors. He recently did an interview at and talked about how they have been completely bootstrapped. If they’ve made it to this point w/o any investment, I’m not sure it’d make sense to start looking for it now, assuming they’re profitable now.

I just read the interview, and i respect the founders of their decision not to go for VC investors which i can understand, but i think if they allocate a small percent of the business share for bubble users the whole bubble including revenue will expand much faster.

When u gather feedback from investors that are its users, u know whats your companies next step.

The way i understand it is, bubble dont want to market itself, they want to take it slow, and scale gradually as more people hear from mouth to ear, so the servers can scale gradually.

But i think an invesment in marketing and especially in professional How To Tutorials will bring the funds needed for better infrastructure and performance.

I take back my words after Reading this article, maybe they are right.

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To your point, if they ever change their minds, I would invest as well!

Perhaps we can create a micro-fund that finances the development of plugins and themes that we all can utilize. Any way we can align it to helping fueling Bubble’s growth is good.

Microfund is a great idea. Would be interested