Crazy Idea - Community Investment in Bubble

So today’s announcement is suspected to be due to pressure from the VC who recently funded Bubble with $100Mil. I personally have no more trust in Bubble as things are simply on Pause and could change again in the future. I know from the posts on the forum, this is a common feeling. We’ve all invested time and money learning Bubble and sharpening our skills. Now these VC cash grabbers want to extract maximum value from our ideas, rather than have us pay a markup on resources used and it all seems pretty greedy and completely out of touch with the actual user base.

Bubble reportedly has 1.6Milj users. So, if only 2/3 of the existing users donate $100 on average to a fund of sorts, we could buy out the VC and give them their money back and get Bubble back to its focussing on its users.

Surely someone here must have some expertise in setting something like this up?
I’d personally be happy to invest $300 and possibly more.


Um, I think the “VC cash grabbers” are going to want a slightly higher return on their investment than the 0% you are proposing, but who knows, you might just be trolling here. Hell, I’d invest in Bubble in a heartbeat if they’d let us, even with yesterday’s ridiculousness in mind.


Well, there are 1.6 Million users, so more than $100mil could be possible…

Nice Idea, i will invest.

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I love this idea - willing to put money in too

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I’m in.


Willing to put all my saving in as an investor. I love bubble but not in the way they are proposing. Looking for alternative I believe there will be a platform taken over where bubble left off.

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The problem is very few of those 1.6 Million users are paying users. What Bubble did today is an indication they want to extract more out of the paying users instead of getting more users onboard / making it easier to scale an application and as a consequence of success moving on to higher tiers.

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