An official response to Bubble pricing discrepancy


Several people are reporting different prices for the personal plan on the forum lately. The increased price range seem to reach above a 100% for some people. This will of course have a big impact on many Bubble users. With this in mind, are you able to provide a comment for clarity on this issue?

It sounds like some of the affected users have reached out and have had the price adjusted down to the standard $29 monthly pricing. Is this something that is offered to people who have signed up at the higher prices as well?

It looks like previous threads/posts regarding the issue has since been removed.

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This is certainly an issue, and though I can only assume this is A/B testing to see conversion rates at higher prices, an official comment would be nice from anyone in staff.

This feels like Déjà vu all over again.

Did we not have this before :thinking:


@emmanuel, @josh, @eve Could one of you address this? I have been having this issue but clearly others have.

Hey, jumping in here about this. I know there has been a few threads about this so it’s a good time to explain a what is happening behind the scenes. We are indeed running a few experiments. As I explained in the free plan announcement, we’re still looking at ways to grow the company in a way that ensures we can become a standard for the web, and figuring out which pricing works best is very valuable. In the past, we used to do this without testing, and it’s definitely not a great way to do it… That’s why we decided to start running these tests. Most companies do this, but being as community-driven as we are, it can be noticed more frequently.

Effectively, we do show different plans/prices to some new users (when the price is different, the plans also are, even though they have the same name). Sometimes we also add a new plan; for instance, people have mentioned lately the idea of a cheap plan that would give access to some paid features, we’re testing this as well. The system is set up in a way that only new users, who have not visited our site before, may be seeing different things. That said, when people refer their clients, it can happen that the difference is noticed, and in such cases, please reach out to our team and we’ll move people out of the experiment.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we do this. I know this can be stressful but 1) we don’t run these with existing users 2) getting real data from our users is the best way to grow Bubble and make it successful.


Hey @emmanuel,

Thanks for the transparency! This makes more sense now!

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Thank you @emmanuel this provides a lot of clarity!
If I understand your answer correctly, you are also playing with variations of what is
included in the plans? E.g. a personal plan with increased pricing might include more features than the current $29 Personal plan?


-Something is coming…


Yes please!!!

I have to say that I think these prices are better than the current system. So hopefully we can quickly read the result about the tests here.

Would be nice to have custom domain on the new “Hobby” plan imo.

Agreed :+1:


Hell yeah, Bubble is a great tool! I’m pretty new to the platform but if a Hobby plan got implemented at that price, I’d absolutely port my projects over. With the options given there, it seems great value for money. Is that option only available to certain users, or is there another way to get it?

Hey there @glauertrs,

That’s Bubble A/B testing it might be available to new users- @eve correct me if I’m wrong

Absolutely agree, @glauertrs. Loving the features offered with that paid Hobby plan. Perfect for a startup or a user who wants to use Bubble like a public profile site (e.g., authors, public speakers, coaches, etc.). Really hope that comes to be actual pricing.

Not sure how I feel about the $100+ increase in the Personal plan, though. Unless I’m missing something, the changes there seem far less substantial, making it less appealing than the current price.