$39/mo for personal plan?

Just moved a client MVP over to them… Then went to go upgrade their plan to Personal and it’s now $39/month?? Since when?

The transfer process without an Agency plan is hell as it is (had to downgrade from Personal to Free… Transfer to their new Bubble account, then logged into their account to upgrade to Personal again)… Now it seems I gotta get on the phone w/ the client and tell them it’s gonna be more. :frowning:

Hey @w.fly,

I just saw a another topic fly by the forum about this. Might be A/B testing with Bubble, but I’d reach out to be sure

Done! Just sent in a contact. I can understand them A/B testing as we do it in our business as well… Just gnarly since the client saw $29 and was like “oh yeah that’s great” and now I’ll be on the phone saying… “hmmm. well…” haha… Hooray. @johnny

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Yeah… I saw a thread fly by a few days ago with $59/mo for personal, then another one for $39/mo. Not sure what’s going on at this point.

Situation resolved! Bubble support got back to me almost immediately :slight_smile: It’s correctly at $29/month now. Thanks @jess! Makes my day so much better.


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