An unhandled error has occurred bug?

Using the event “when an unexpected error occurs” I have a “create a new thing (error)” to log platform errors and alert us.

However, oddly enough I have some errors that come up in the console & bubble debugger however they don’t seem to trigger the event.

My inspection - normally happens on errors caused by plugins or “get data from external API” calls.

However, I’d assume if it’s throwing and in both consol & Debugger it would qualify to launch the event. Does anyone have any insight on how or why this happens?

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Interesting. May be one for support?

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I’ve had issues with unhandled workflows error in the past…sometimes what support has suggested works, which is to change my condition.

Typically I used the condition for “this unhandled workflow error code is…”

Support suggests to use “this unhandled workflow error message contains…”

This suggestion usually does the trick and gets my workflows to trigger.


Appreciate the response, actually I have no conditions whatsoever because we are collecting all error codes

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