Analytics dashboard

Hey bubble

I’m using blockspring to import data from google analytics and show it to my users


But i want to display the data from the current date:

but then i get this error:

Can someone help me?


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Looks like you need to change the format to what blockspring is expecting. Bubble uses Unix time hence the string of numbers (time since Jan 1 1970). Try formating the data before passing it . As a test just pass the word today which looks like blockspring will accept based on the error message you are getting


Im not sure i know how to do that, kan you describe?

Sure - where you have Starting date - just replace current date/time with the word today

Then test again


Ahhh okay - but It wont let me do this…

maybe stick today into a hidden input then reference the input (but it should let you pass text “today”). It can be fiddly to enter text you often have to click before the word click to enter it

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This is not possible either…