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Blockspring - Google Calendar Time Format

I’m having some trouble using the Blockspring plugin to connect to google calendar. I have a block that is supposed to Post Event to Google Calendar, but when I use it, it tells me the time format doesn’t match.

What do I need to change on bubble’s side to make this work?

See image for error mesage:

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I also have the same problem. Does anyone found a solution to work with Google Calendar? Thanks!

@mishav can the seconds to date plugin be used for this? :slight_smile:

Maybe, with an extra step to separate out the seconds, in this case truncate to the first 10 characters.

Here is an example of how to use it: editor run

@jan.ondrus, how are you connecting with Google Calendar? Is the date from bubble, or from Google?

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Thanks @mishav! I will try your solution.

I’m connecting to Google Calendar using Blockspring. You can find it as a plug-in.

I’m having the same issue with posting an event with Blockspring. The formatting doesn’t match. What is the proper method to post events to google calendar using Blockspring? Thanks!