Analytics - Display A Geo "Map" Chart

I’m surprised I haven’t seen a plugin that can do this, (apologies if I missed it), but it would be really awesome if one existed that could chart geographic data and a corresponding count on a geographic map. So far the only workaround I can think of involves Zapier and embedding Google Sheets.

data source= [contains a list of geographic locations]
label= current point’s [i.e. “state”]
value expression= current point’s [i.e. “viewers”] count

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Hey @willtaylordesign I share your sense of surprise (I’m looking for a plugin that does this as well).

Were you (or anyone else) able to find a plugin that does this?


Amcharts can do this. Wanna team up?:wink:

^^im assuming not but figured I’d ask! :rofl:

Hey @jared.gibb:laughing: I may take you up on that depending on what ChartJS supports!


Sorry! Amcharts cloropleth maps. The library is dope. I want to play with the cloropleth maps over the week.

The hardest part would be getting a useable dataset into the plugin imho

I just implemented this yesterday for candlestick charts to try it out because I don’t like chartjs’s and it took less than a half hour to get something going!

Amcharts library


ChartJS library

Nice, that’s looking good!

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