Bubble Chartjs Plugin - create cumulative line chart

I’d like to create a line chart that is cumulative. So, instead of logging results from each day, it would sum all of the ‘Thing’ records values, and add the current days results to that, giving me an area graph, rather than a plot of each day/record.

I tried: Thing>Thing field>:sum

but that won’t work as a Data Source or Value Expression (required plugin inputs)

I don’t believe bubble supports this. We would need something like a query view. To consolidate values, group, derive averages and so on.

thx for the reply - any ideas on a workaround? perhaps i could sum the record fields in a misc repeating group, and then add the current data point to the chart?

If your really looking for a strong reports then look at specialized services like Zoho reporting or tableau

Other options include
Fusion tables with charts
Google charts with Google sheets

I would go with fusion if your requirements are simple. I have tried Zoho reports and it does output charts that can be added to bubble using HTML element

thanks a bunch - will try each of your suggestions…

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We’re currently working on this but it’s a big project.


Great news. Thanks guys

HI there - the premium version of the amCharts plugin should achieve this.
It has some basic grouping / rollup tools built into it, including making a list of numbers cumulative.

We are currently waiting for Bubble to activate payments for plugins on the Bubble store then it will be available.


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HI @emmanuel, just following up on this thread. Are you guys still working on a charting solution?

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I really hope so! I’m desperate for this.

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What are you looking for? We are working on data aggregation, but if it’s a visual issue with the chart element, you can fix this by building a plugin.

Yep I’ll take that!

HI @emmanuel, is the data aggregation likely to be a 2017, 2018 or gradual release?

With thanks!

This would be great to know as it will help me with priorities.


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Hello. I have just discovered Bubble and I think it will meet my needs. The one thing I really need to verify is possible before I dive in is that I need to make cumulative charts. Is this possible now? Because this thread is old and I see that payments for plugins is active, I assume it is possible now. I don’t mind a paid plugin.

Also, is it possible to plot two data sets on a chart? What I need is a cumulative target from start date to end date that will be calculated from user input based on the goal, and this needs to be plotted on the same chart as actual logged results from week to week (but as a cumulative total).

Please let me know if this sounds achievable with Bubble. If so, I’ll be jumping in right away!

Thank you.