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Hi @gf_wolfer,
The ‘Back button’ referred here is the mobile back hard button or the app back button that we create?
I have made my app keeping the android market in mind. I just went through a checklist of android app launch and I came across this in the quality guidelines section.

On my app (Which I created on your template Freebie (and thanks for it :slightly_smiling_face:)) when I press the mobile back button it exits, whereas the guidelines above expect it to take the user to the previous page, can this be addressed in bubble.
On the other hand for launching this app on the playstore I’ll have to bundle it with some third party native application like dropsource or gonative, do you have any idea whether this issue will get addressed there?
As far as I have read in dropsource forum the bubble API can be imported into dropsource, but will importing the API change the way the app behaves?
Any help will be appreciated.

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