Device+app back button in webview

This is my first post so please forgive any slip-ups. I’ve searched quite a bit and haven’t found an answer so here goes:

I’ve set up a web app that I can use fine on a mobile or desktop browser. However, if I access the web app through a webview inside an android app, the behavior of the back button in the app/device does something totally different than the browser. Namely, if I navigate from one page to another and hit the app’s (or android device’s) back button, instead of being taken the page where I was previously, the back button takes me out of the webview, back to the app.

The only time when it does work as expected is if I’m currently on a page that I arrived at via the “open external url” action. Then, the back button on the app/device takes me back to the last page I was at in my bubble app.

I have a feeling this is something so basic as to have been solved by someone else, or be a natively supported feature in, but as much as I’ve searched I haven’t found a solution.

Thanks in advance!

Hai @bernardo.campos89
I am using web view gold wrapper. They are supporting back key navigation(using device back key in android). I was using more than 1 page in my app using page navigation workflow. And also I used navigation between groups inside some pages using url parameter. Both are working fine.

Jasonelle having page navigation. But frankly I don’t know how to do.
BDK native supporting back navigation using back workflow button (device back button will not work).


Thanks for the tip. Will give this a try

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This is one of the features I added in 1.7 release

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Wow this looks very impressive. Thanks for sharing

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Hi @gaurav,

Really enjoying BDK. Being able to access native device features has brought our Bubble app to another level!

One thing I am having troubles with is the Android device back button. I’ve been looking through the BDK documentation and can’t seem to find any specifics about how to use the “BN-appinfo A BN - Android back button is pressed” workflow event.

I’m guessing that it should be part of a WHEN condition (combined with other events) that can execute other steps when triggered.

FYI the app I’m working on is all on a singe page where we use hide/show rules on groups and re-usable elements with custom states.

Here’s screen shot of the workflow event I created. Am I doing something wrong?



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Another option would be, take a look :blush:

Hi @smalltime.multimedia,
Your setup is correct. The event is triggered when the device back button is pressed. That’s it :slight_smile:

Note that we trigger this event only in the launch view (i.e the one that opens when app is launched). If you do a native transition to a link, we disable this event automatically and enable the ‘BN - Go back’ action, until you’re back to the launch view. This is to keep it similar to industry standard practices. Also, this is why it won’t work in preview mode, since the launch view of the app is the BDK Native homepage

Let me know if this helps / we can chat over DM to see what the specific issue is.


Thanks for the reply @gaurav! As you said it works as intended in launch view.

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Hi @gaurav,

I’m having some difficulties implementing the ‘BN - Android back button is pressed’ workflow to my Bubble app. It’s a single page app where I navigate by showing/hiding groups based on a URL parameter (eg: Group Home visible when ‘url?show=home’)

When I click the back button anywhere in the BDK test app, it exists my bubble app instead of navigating back. Here is a screenshot of my workflow:

Something else that I’ve tried that works is to use the ‘BN - Navigate to link’ workflow and then the Back button brings me back to the previous URL, but it’s a lot slower which is the main reason why I’ve build it as a single page app. So this is why the Back button would be the best solution for me.

Also, any plan to add the equivalent ‘BN- Iphone back button is pressed’ to the BDK plugin in the near future? If not possible for some reason, what is the best practice for navigating back in ios apps? Only option I can think of is ‘BN - Navigate to link’, which slows down Single Page Apps a lot, which is unfortunate.


Hi @gaurav , do I understand it correctly that it is not possible to test “back button is pressed” event in preview mode of BDK app at all? (Sorry if question is stupid, I’m very new here). Thx in advance!