Animate Letter by letter

Hi everyone,

I want to animate a word : WELCOME
But letter after letter and they come right to the center.

So I created a Text element for each letter.
But when I create a workflow “Element action - Animate” Step 1 for W, Step 2 for E and Step 3 for L, it does not work. Picture of the workflow below :

I think I have to tell at the Step 2, activate when the Step 1 is over. But I don’t remember how to do it.

Thank you

Did you consider plugins?

And probably a lot more!

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Hi Mate,

try adding pause before next action? It is a workflow action under Navigation. Hope this helps.


Hello Guys,

Thank you so much for you reply.
So Look How i created my workflow :

So I dd the Pause at the beginning of the WF for the Letter E (The letter after W). ANd I do the same thing for each letter.
So it works!

I really like the plugin so I will try with it :slight_smile:
But I keep the Add pause !!
Than you, I learned again this night :slight_smile:

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Hi Thomas,

No worries. Glad it worked.

Yes, a plugin could possibly work too and perhaps even nicer depending on supported features.

Take care! :slight_smile:

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