[FREE] Text Animations

Hey Everyone,

Created a plugin that lets you add text animations. It utilizes the TxtAnime.JS library.
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This looks like a brilliant plugin, but as someone still learning Bubble, I couldn’t find the Element ID you mentioned. I exposed the option to view ID attributes from my app’s settings, and I can see an empty ID attribute field for the text box I want to animate, but not sure what to do after that.

Gotcha, theres two steps you need to take:

  1. In the text element you want to animate, scroll down to that empty ID attribute field and enter whatever you want as an element id.
  2. Then, go to the plugin element, and enter that same element id into the first field “Element ID”.

You will see this process for most bubble plugins that modify an element. In the element itself you state what ID you want it to be, then in the plugin you tell it what that ID is so it knows what to modify.

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Many thanks. I think I discovered my error which was that the element ID needs to be one word with no spaces. That worked for me.

Awesome plug-in by the way! Love it.

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Awesome! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Hi @bek

Love the plugin!! Is there a way to animate a whole sentence instead of just one word?

So in my case it would look like this:

“Do you ever have the feeling:”
A: “there is more to life?”
B: “there is something missing?”
C: “you are alone in a crowd?”
D: “you were meant for more?”

I would like to rotate between A, B, C and D. How can this be done?


Anyone found the solution of animating a whole string than just a word?

Which animation are you trying to animate a string with? Il take a look and see if i can add that feature this week