Animate RG problem

Is it possible to set auto animation for RG cells so they
automatically switch between each other every few seconds?

Two big banners on the top of the page:

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What do you mean by ‘they automatically switch between each other’?

Do you mean the items in it change order?

Or are you talking about 2 RGs?

Or something else?



Try using a combination of “do every X seconds” and “scroll to entry on repeating group”, check the “animate scroll” checkbox to make it scroll smoothly. You’ll have to use a custom state to keep track of the current scrolling position.


Hi @adamhholmes
I mean to make it as a horizontal slider, but instead of using left and right arrows or touchpad slide gestures – to set up the slider to scroll to the next RG cell automatically every few seconds.

Oh right… yeah in that case just use a ‘do every x seconds’ workflow.

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Thanks for all advices. I’ve tried several options and finally decided to go with this plugin: Repeating Group Slider Plugin | Bubble
This appears to me as the most simple solution.

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