Making a RG carousel every 4 seconds?

Hello, can someone help me figure out how to make my repeating group of customer testimonials carousel every 5 seconds (i.e. move across horizontally one cell at a time every X seconds).

For reference, go to this website ( and scroll down to their testimonials. Looks amazing.


Hey @jessefarquhar48. This is fairly simple to set up.

Follow the instructions here - Creating a carousel in Bubble

Then add a workflow

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Thanks. Just looking at the images on the webpage you sent me it doesn’t look like it lets you display multiple at once (like the reference i gave you), does it?

You can change the RG UI for that. For the tutorial use case, I had given the group inside the RG a min width. You can play around with the UI.

Ok, so i have done this, it works ok i guess, but the problem is that it’s just rotating the data for the RG, i was hoping to have it actually scroll the RG so you can see the cards move (i.e. scroll) rather than them just being static and having the data/testimonial jump across every 5 seconds.

Is there a way to actually have a RG auto scroll?