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Animate text inside RG

Hey everyone!
I have a list of things being displayed in RG. Each thing has a condition which should be either yes/no. If that condition is currently “No”, there should be a text “New” in that particular cell. I’ve added the text “New” to RG cells and un-ticked the Visible on page load and put a condition Visible only when “Condition is no”. Everything’s fine until now. Now I want to animate that “New” text. I’m trying to do it in the Workflow “when page is loaded”, but I don’t see the text “New” under elements in “Animate”. Please help!

I don’t think items inside an RG are not accessible via a workflow. There are (probably) ways around it to get the result you want. So, what are you trying to accomplish? What’s the problem that this user is facing?

Is this really an “urgent” matter? As courtesy to others who patrol the forums trying to help people, keep the urgent usage to those “possibly career-ending issues”.

As long as the condition evaluates to “No”, I want that thing to be highlighted with “New” text. When the user clicks on that thing, it’ll open up in a popup and there he/she clicks on accept, then the condition will be changed to “Yes”.

Yahh this is an urgent issue but not a possible career-ending one.
Anyways, thank you. I’ve edited it.


This should be rather straight forward (or I’ve misunderstood what you’re trying to do).

The RG has a list of things related to that user.

  • on an element inside the RG you can set the text using the expression if this parent's thing is xx show a text or another.
  • you can start a workflow from a click on that text item (instead of trying to animate it).
    • then you can animate the popup
    • send the parent's group item to the popup so that you can ask the user to interact with something to change that state.

Have you tried this already?

BTW, it might be easier to understand your problem if you can record a video of the issue so we can see under the hood and spot anything you’ve might have overlooked.

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This is the RG I’m working on. When restaurant clicks on the “View” button, they’ll get a popup where they can accept the order. As long as the restaurant doesn’t click on view and accepts the order, the condition “Accepted-by-restaurant” is “NO”. I’m displaying “New” on the cell as long as the condition is “NO” so that that particular order will be highlighted to the restaurant. Now I’m thinking of animating it with colors as it’ll get much attention if it’s animating. Hope you get it now…

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