How to animate a text?

is it possible to animate a text when i hover over an image ?the text is an element !!
should they be grouped ??
or the text shouldn’t be visible on load page ??
I’ve been looking around but still no luck

Hi @nuvabubble

There is a solution here. By creating a hidden element, you can solve it in a similar way.


i did the steps one by one and added a show popup
when the preview loaded i didn’t even reach the group to hover over it it was hovered and pop up showed all by it self
what i have is group with image and text inside of them so i want the hover to bring in the text over the group and then where ever i click the group a popup description comes in

I think, you add “show pop-up” like this

“Do When condition is true” > Animate Text > Show pop-up

If this is the case then the logic is wrong, if not, please share your app link or photo