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Is it possible to animate RG cell on load?

Greetings, all. I’m trying to have an RG cell’s contents fade in when it becomes visible on a page, so it will fade into view as a user scrolls down. Is this possible?

UPDATE: For that matter, are ANY native Bubble animations possible with content in RG cells? I’ve seen posts mentioning custom code, but that seems super un-Bubbley, so hoping there’s a solution.


Setting the RG to extended vertical scroll does not do the job?

@cmarchan, it’s okay, but I want to add a better UX and also enable users to choose different effects (if possible) on RG cell behavior.

I should add that I’d settle for any sort of effect in a cell. Not being able to animate within an RG is becoming really restrictive.


Just my two cents … anything you place in an rg cell gets repeated times the number of entries in the rg. For styling that is extra pressure in the rg.

Are you sure you need to make this investment in an effect?

Here, a resource on building in Bubble with design in mind. Also, another resource on building for performance. Both paid fyi.

@cmarchan , thanks for the response. This wouldn’t be something that needs to run for all objects. It would be conditional behavior if a user wants certain objects to be animated.

For example, I’m looking to achieve something like this from the front end:

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Elementor looks sooo good with animations!! I hope Bubble get some inspiration form them with their new editor!

Glad to see someone else trying animations in Bubble!

I think for animating the content of an RG would only work with conditionals.
Border animations, background style, font size. If you set a transition for those the change is quite smooth and you can achieve some nice effects with it!

@design.agx, super delayed, but I know, right regarding Elementor?

I really want to accomplish something like this where the image appears while scrolling through content in the RG but haven’t heard from anyone that this is possible.

Show on scroll

Anyone have any ideas? @Anticode, is this something your plugin supports on scroll?

If you look at the Elementor video, the animations only work for sections, columns, and rows, not a list (repeating group in Bubble). If you want to trigger animations on scroll with groups, try the Finished Loading (lazy loading) plugin that has a visible element that you can use to trigger bubble animations on groups.

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