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Animation for headings


Does anyone know how I can animate and then hide based on a condition? As an example I want a link on my index page to show the sub-headings (i.e. click about us and then see a group of links showing contact us, our service, etc.).

Usually when I do this I have a condition to show the group only if I hover over the text and the group. Then if the user is not doing this they do not see the subgroup. I now have added animate first but if I click the link and do not hover then leave over the subheadings the group stays there.

Any clue on how I can solve this?

Hey there @ibrahimsarwar00,

You can use the “Do when x” workflow and animate the element

Thanks for your reply, so I did the following workflow:

do when text about us is hovered - animate element

but when I hover over the text and then move the mouse the subheadings stay visible. Essentially I want it to either hide/not be visible if I am not on the text/group.

First, you need to untick ‘This element is visible on page load’ then define a condition when Group/Text is hovered show ‘X’ element.