Show element on hover

Hi there. I would like to know how to make a workflow like this:

When a element is hovered, show another element.

@juoum you don’t need a workflow to achieve that, you can do it simply with a conditional.

Say you want to show element ‘B’ when element ‘A’ is hovered.

Have Element ‘B’ hidden initially (not set to visible on page load).

Then just add a conditional on Element ‘B’:

    when 'Element A' is hovered - This element is visible

That’s all there is to it.


Hi there. Thanks for your support. It worked! But how to I make a fadein trasition instead of just appearing?

For that you’ll need to use the ‘Animate’ element action within a workflow.

For example you could run a workflow when the parent group is visible to make the element fade in.

I am doing it like this:

When a condition is true…

But as the element that is hidden is inside a repeating group, I can’t find it.

the way of solving that by using “show B when A is hovered” makes only sense for groups or single cells. In a repeating group many people want to display context information based on a parameter (i.e. Current cell’s value in a RG). This is not possible out of the box.

What if the element is inside a RG?

have you figured the solution out?

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