Animation Issue

Wondering if any has seen this happen and what the solution is?

The video is of elements disappearing after animation.

Did you try viewing this with debug mode on (?debug_mode=true)? If you walk through the actions step by step in debug mode you can often figure out which action is causing the problem.

Yes, but nothing came up from it! - Also its not every time. its random and sporadic.

I think I see what’s going on. The actions in a workflow aren’t guaranteed to happen in the same order they appear in the editor. There’s good reason for this, Bubble fires them as quickly as possible so they’re usually working in parallel.

And, actions like “show” and “hide” are run client side so it could very easily be that one finishes before the other some of the time.

One solution is put a pause in-between these actions and set it to 1ms (so it’s so short it’s not noticeable to a user). Pausing between actions that are run entirely client side (like show and hide) causes bubble to always run them in the order you seem them in the editor.

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That would make sense, but there isn’t an action in that workflow that hides it. Would you mind taking a look. Im desperate. Haha, thanks!

Oh, I see. I saw the show image A and hide image B. Looked so quickly I didn’t see they were different elements. Oops.

Yeah, happy to dig in. Reviewing now.

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I don’t see why you’re seeing this behavior either. Your page is quite simple so I’d be surprised if there’s logic on the page that I’m not seeing.

I’d suggest you delete that 1 animation action and then recreated it. See if this fixes it. My guess is it will.

If not, try a different animation and see if that works. If that doesn’t, then try simply show element and see if that works. If not, submit a bug.

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I already recreated the animation. Ill attempt to do a show instead see what happens… although i remember already doing that… huh… let me see. Thanks for the help!

Hey, just wanted to let you know that it still happens with the show action. Im going to just rebuild the whole thing haha . see if that works! thanks for the help!

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