Animation not working on workflow order


I’m trying to set an animation for an element, when a button is clicked, but the value of a dropdown is empty. I want to animate the dropdown when this is empty and the user hits a different button. I set the animation, but it’s not working on the mobile nor the desktop versions.

I’ve already tried to set the “only when” value, to: Only when: “Element value’s is empty”, and “Element isn’t valid”.

The idea is to make the element, a dropdown, to bounce or shake when a button(with more workflows already on it) is clicked, but this dropdown is empty.

What is the reason for it? And how can it be worked out?

Thanks in advance!

Could you share a screenshot of the workflow and actions you’re using? This way, it’s much easier for people in the community to see what you’re doing and then jump in to help.

Hi @sridharan.s Thanks for your reply. Here’s the screenshot

I’ve already tried with a couple more animations, but still not working. And as you can see, I put the step at the beginning, with the Only when: The dropdown is empty.

But on the preview, when I hit the button, and the dropdown is empty, the page loads(upper bar displays and runs) But the animation does not goes on.

Have you looked at this in your app with debug_mode=true? Are the other actions firing?

One thing that could be going on… when a user clicks, say, the submit button, Bubble won’t actually trigger the actions if any were required and left empty. It’s one of those gotchas that’s counter-intuitive and not well documented yet.

I know is a rookie question but…How do I debug_mode=true?

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