[New Feature] Animations now work on popup, group, and group focus elements

Animations are now supported and ought to work cleanly on popups, groups, and group focuses. Have at it, and let me know if you find anything that doesn’t work!


Hi Marca, we have a bug currently. See: Pop-ups invisible in design view

Hello We have a problem with the collapse animation of goups… they dont collapse.

Bug is fixed! Let me know if you find anything else that doesn’t work.

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Thanks for update. A question please. Sometimes we need to have things animated on conditional events. Currently we have animation on font colors, borders,etc…

Would it possible to have the transition animation also support visible and invisible states?


@AliFarahat I would love this as well!

Ya i think we all do. Animating through the workflow isn’t so useful especially when you have conditional formatting to take care of. It end up clashing your UI/UX.



If there were a way to “toggle with an animation”, life would be grand.

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Selecting the element to animate in the workflows doesn’t seem to work for me. When I click the dropdown, no elements are shown to select. I tried restarting the editor.

@marca @emmanuel another cool feature that shouldn’t be hard to implement is a blur amount on any item with transparency (shapes, group etc). It would allow to achieve UI closer to iOS, WIndows 10.


It isn’t working for me either. Did you find out why? I feel like I must be missing something basic here.

Hey @marca – I’m experiencing issues with image animations and groups no longer appearing that were previous working - filed a bug report a few minutes ago. Let me know what you discover.

I’m experiencing this too - did you get it sorted?

@camille1 @romanmg It must be a bug since it’s not working for multiple people.

@Bubble_Nate Did your bug report include not being able to select elements to animate, or should we submit that on our own?

After this update, my popups seems stopped showing up right away. When I click a button that shows a popup, all I get is the dark overlay of the popup, not the elements. Similar to what’s happening in this post.

Any idea @marca?

@bojans - I would file a separate one. Mine was centered around elements malfunctioning on screen.

Hey @marca,

It looks like animations aren’t working in reusable popups?


Yep, also having this problem :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

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