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Animation options not present for "Show" Element Actions when building native app

When building a native app, I noticed that when using “Hide” from the Element Actions I have the option to specify an animation type and directions.

When using the “Show” element however, no options are available. It seems like the show should also have the same animation type options but they are not present.

The same options are needed when showing items. Seems especially significant for native apps.

That’s by design indeed. These animations are about transitions between screens, so it was fine to only have them on hiding. You should be able to use the animate element action though.

Hmm. Could you explain the use case a bit more? I am using the animations but I don’t think I’m fully understanding what you intend by the transitions between screens. If I am transitioning from one screen to another are you suggesting that we exit with a Hide then enter with an animation? I’ve used the animation also for exiting, but am not quite sure then why I’d used the Hide action. Thanks for whatever you can offer.

Apps on Bubble need to be in one page, but to give a native experience, we offer the option to hide a group with a sliding animation, so that it looks like a native app. You can see our own app at

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Thanks, @emmanuel. I understand what you are saying, but (not that I am trying to beat a dead horse here) shouldn’t the same reasoning be to show the groups? To show groups to give a native experience, too. I’m currently using the other animations to show groups of data right now, so I’ve a working process, but it really seems like the example you gave works just as well for showing grouped items to emulate a native experience.

You might be right. We’ll rethink the whole thing when we’ll be out of beta for native.

Has this been updated by any chance to include animations when opening groups?