Transition animation slide between groups

I have an app with no pages, only showed/hidden groups, I wanted to know if there were any way to make smooth transition between groups.

I have the bdk native plug-in but there is only the transition for pages, not groups. And is it possible to do it with jasonelle may be ?

@gaurav @JohnMark


Hi @BudSpaces,

Animation of bubble elements visibility (e.g. showing / hiding groups) is controlled by bubble. The only way to do these effectively is the options provided by bubble because of the approach bubble uses. I don’t think any plugin would help, since bubble design typically uses absolute positioning & display block / none attributes for page rendering.

Your options are either to use bubble’s animate workflow step or use the ‘collapse when this group is hidden’ animation. Some of bubble apps use them. If you’d like an example, check out Plantify, which should be a good example of bubble app using such animations (which is made native using bdk native and listed on both iOS app store and google play store btw)


Hi @BudSpaces

Yes, as Gaurav says, simply use Bubble transition effects on your groups will make a good job.