Native - "hide" animation. Has anyone used this, when building a hybrid app?

When we select a page, as a native application - we are able to hide containers with “native animations” (like, slide to the left etc).

I’ve tested my app URL with online mobile-emulators; but the native transitions don’t work (which I understand - since its basically no different than viewing the app in a browser; since the emulator just uses a web-view).

But the feature is still there - to use native transitions - in bubble workflows.

I understand the guys at Bubble can provide us with a file for our finished application (to continue building a hybrid with other methods like Phonegap or something) - and I realize that Bubble is still in beta for native apps.
But does anyone know if these “native animations” work right now? Has anyone successfully used them?
If so - how do they work?

Does the code - to trigger these animations - get added to the file that Bubble can give us?

Hi Jordan.

I too have been looking at this previously.
To be able to use native animations with Cordova we need to break out the UI into separate views.

Each of your views must have a separate div id and to be shown and hidden using JavaScript before running the native animation on them.

How technical are you from a css JavaScript perspective ?

Not technical.
I think I could figure it out through repetitive trial and error + several hours of prowling the internet for code… :smile:
I can conceptualize what needs to be done.

It’s not a huge priority right now; as I am pretty happy with the transitions between containers with my current set up (using “set states” and conditions).
What I would like to do - is get a first version mobile application published; and then begin to pass the ongoing technical work to someone else, more experienced…
As the project progresses I’d like to start incorporating more native elements and functions where it proves fitting. Overall - pretty happy with the app right now. Certainly doesn’t feel like a “website”

I plan to either use or to package up the app.
Regarding the slide to left animation; I think I could achieve that in dropsource quite easily by creating multiple webviews and transitioning between them - but I don’t know how that compares, from a performance perspective, to the method that you are suggesting.

Whats nice about those two publishing options is that it generates editable source code. There is also very straight forward methods of integrating OneSignals push notification service; with both.
Dropsource also released a pretty thorough documentation on how to connect a bubble application to a dropsource application (that generates a native frontend) with the API connector.

Kind of trailed off the main focus here… But that’s where my thinking is at right now.
I am using a Chromebook exclusively; so I’m very keen on discovering the simplest methods for achieving these things. I can’t open Xcode or Android Studio; and would like to try and code as little as possible before migrating away from the real technical stuff.