Animations following the mouse

Is there a way on Bubble to make those modern “magic” animations when you hover on an element? Like hiding a graphics as you move the cursor over it, etc… Just an example here:


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Kind of but will require GSAP integration.

Can you please provide more info? Thanks!

That exact type of animation requires an external library called GSAP (to my knowledge, but another library could be used possibly). Highly advanced animation (well, can be, especially for the type of animation you’re looking for).

I am currently building a few mouse effects you may be interested in, but it’s not comparable to that.

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OK, got it, thanks! So we could say that this is not possible using Bubble’s plugins for now, and using the library I guess will require some HTML elements and some good coding inside, right?

Gonna require a bit more than some “simple html”.

Actually, look into ThreeJS, you might have some luck there as well.

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