Announcing Bubble Retreat! Open to Bubblers worldwide

Super excited to officially announce the first ever Bubble Retreat! Hosted in Atlanta, GA April 15-19th.

This will be a co-living event similar to Bubble House events that have happened. We have 20 spots available, and 7 rooms. Once the rooms fill up, there is plenty of other accommodations nearby, hotels Airbnb etc. Yes, you can split a room with someone if you want to.

Tickets are separate from housing since not everyone will be staying in one of the 7 rooms.



Note: this is done through a SplitFund auction, so we’ll only move forward if we get enough people signed up, and as more people sign up the price per person will actually go down. Ideally this gives you flexibility to bid at the price or participation level that you’re comfortable with. It’s a bit weird though so if there’s any confusion just let me know.

Any questions please comment on this tweet:

^ would also appreciate a share/like on that.

Looking forward to it!!


With a little more notice next time, I’d happily be there! Good luck


Definitely this was short notice!!! I figured it’s better to try, even with short notice, than wait a whole year.

Although if there’s no BubbleCon2024, we’ll definitely do another one in the Fall! Otherwise will have to wait 'till next spring.

Looking forward to it!

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