Bubble in Atlanta

Any Bubble users in Atlanta?

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Hi Frank - welcome to the forum - thank you for posting!

And it’s great timing because @brenton.strine and a few others are setting up some regular gatherings for Atlanta Bubble builders. The next one is in a few weeks: Atlanta Bubble Meetup · Luma


I’m so glad Bubble is helping organize and sponsor more of these events! The last one in SF was really good, it was nice to meet a few fellow Bubblers and Bubble staff, AND (pro-tip/most importantly) there was Bubble swag.

Hey Frank! I’m in Atlanta! And there are more of us as well! Come join our meetup and meet us!

I just sold a Bubble site to someone in Atlanta! I’ve pinged him and let him know that this is happening. :+1:


@keith What was it that stood out to you as good about the SF meetup? Just thinking about how to replicate a good meetup here in Atlanta. :slight_smile:

Hey Brenton,

I’ve RSVP’d for the meetup later this month. I look forward to meeting everyone!

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Hey @brenton.strine, Bubble did a little update preso about their growth and current focuses, which was fairly interesting. Otherwise it was fairly freeform, folks did introductions (some of which had a tendency to run-on, so it was good that the organizer/host stepped in in those cases :wink: ). In future it might be good to have some sort of short presentations about topics of interest (e.g., someone like me might do a short preso on getting started with plugin development, etc.). Mostly it was interesting to talk to some of the other longtime Bubble developers and to meet some of the Bubble staff who were all pretty cool.