Anonymous emails to multiple users using the To: field?

I need to send emails to a list of users, and each user mustn’t see the email addresses of the others. I also want the receiver to be in the To: field, as per normal mailing lists.


  • The Send email action’s To: field needs to be filled in, but I can’t put the list here since the other recipients have to be hidden.
  • The Bcc: field can contain the list of emails, but then the receiver sees their email in the bcc field instead of the To: field.

Is the answer to create a workflow that sends an email to one person in the To: field, for each of the listed users? If so, I don’t know how to do it!

Thanks in advance.

That’s one way to do it… and will be fine if the number of emails you’re sending is small (say less than 100)…

But more than that (and certainly into the thousands) running a recursive workflow to send emails is both slow and costly in WU.

In which case you should use the bulk email send feature of whichever email service provider you’re using.

So it depends on how many emails you’re talking about is to the correct way to do this.

Thanks Adam, I’ll have to look into how to send bulk emails in Sendgrid.

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