Anonymous message sending website

Hello bubblers…

I built this anonymous message sending website this morning .
You can generate a link, share it to your friends, they will see a form to send you a message while you will the messages by clicking the generated link… Test it out and let me know how it can be improved…

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Nice work!

What features will be coming next?

Fun idea. It’s like those anonymous messaging in Instagram or something.

As for improving it, I suggest you improve the UI and UX

You could at least add the input’s names and what they are for.

Currently, “anonymous” are unable to create their own accounts. Try to add a button wherein the anonymous users can create accounts when they message someone.

Also, I suggest you use slugs instead of the unique ID to not only shorten the link but to also make it “prettier”.

There’s a couple more possible improvements you could make but for starters, I suggest those :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback

Thank you!!!

I will have to think about it, I just decided to play around it yesterday

Hello there! Its show “This application is at its limit for number of Things in the database. Please upgrade your application to continue saving data”. Do you have any idea how to fix it?

I don’t think it’s fixable unless you upgrade to a paid plan