Got an idea? I would love to make you a site FOR FREE!

I Love making sites! If you have an idea for a site that you want me to bring to life comment below! I work on sites all the time and see every new site as a new challenge that I must complete! Any questions comment below!


I think it’d be really valuable if someone in the community created an awesome notification center, messaging feature, and/or account settings page and then shared the code publicly so anybody else in the community could simply copy/paste it into their app.

I’ve seen a lot of these partially done, but haven’t seen a free one that’s ready for a production application (i.e., it’d need to be well designed, responsive, etc.)

So like messaging between users? And account settings for like username change and all that stuff?

is that what you mean? @sridharan.s

Yes, exactly. The key to this is that if it’s well done, fully implemented (including responsive), and available for others to copy, then there’d be a lot of people who could copy it to their app to add these core capabilities quickly and easily.

It’d be particularly valuable if, for example, you added extra features and polish such as set up the messaging between users to enable people to reply to an email to have that message added to the app and sent to the other person. Not required, of course, but these types of extras would make it highly valuable to anyone considering adding something similar to their app.

We’ve built a messaging/notification system within one of our applications. Could consider spinning it off as a separate app at some point.

@Anil, I think something like that would be useful. If you’re up for publishing it as a separate app for the community, could you let us know. @stolzj19 is looking for a project and I suspect they wouldn’t want to build this if you’ve already got the code and are going to release it.

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Are you available? I have an idea…

Whats your idea?

I messaged you can you please respond @stolzj19

yup! I responded!

Hello is your offer still available? If so please feel free to pm me.

Have mine and my team’s hands full at the moment. Considering giving it a slack spin to make it a reasonable product. Hopefully can get to work on it sometime soon

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Can I get more info?

Whats your idea?

More info about? The chat app we’ve built?

Feel free to contact me via skype at ellie.dummett.

need some guide how to start with the app. I have the idea just don’t know where to start.

Hey, happy to help you get started. Please share your requirements on PM or drop me an email at

@stolzj19 hello, would you be willing to make me something. I would love to talk about it more in a PM or feel free to email me, at , i also put a request in at youre page.