ANOTHER bug? | Repeating Group

I have a repeating group that is behaving different in live mode, then in the testing environment. As seen below:

Test -

Live -

As you can see in the examples above. The repeating group won’t continue to the next line in the live environment but will in the test environment. This is happening when the browser is resized(smaller), at the same exact size, to imitate a mobile experience. I noticed it today when I used my phone to go to my site. I’m assuming this is a bug?

Is your test environment database different from your live database?

The structure is the same. It’s the way the repeating group is acting, not the individual files being stored or presented in the repeating group.

They have different files and different images, but everything is the same exact format, so it shouldn’t have any bearing on how the repeating group isn’t going to the next line.

Here’s a little more context of what I have going on with the setup:

It’s a bit hard to understand with just some screenshots. If you could share a link, it’s be easier. If you don’t want it to be public, DM me, and I can try and take a look.

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