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When I used my app in live my Repeating groups vanish

Hello guys ! All is in the title.

This is my version-test :

You can see my repeating group when I click “rechercher”

And this is my damn live version :

When I click “rechercher” element action scroll down on my repeating group but don’t show it.

For now that’s the only problem I found on the live version.

Anyone met the same problem or now how to help me ?

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Did you copy the data over from dev to live ?

Like this ?

No, that only copies the “code”.

Look under the data tab, you will see you can copy to live.

Sorry, on phone, can’t screen shot.

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Yes that’s WORK !!! Ahaha

Thank you :smiley:

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Yes, keep in mind dev and live have 2 different dbs.

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Thanks for the advice both of you,

Hope we’ll see each other at The Family next week.

Well I’ll be there :slight_smile: