Any Bubble 'rs in Austin TX? Up for a Meetup event?

Any Bubble users in Austin TX? Up for a Meetup event? Would love to connect with you if so and hear what cool projects you are working on, share best practices, or just grad a drink.

Hey there, I live in Houston but would definitely take a trip to Austin and bounce ideas and share practices!

Brandon, sounds good. let me know when you plan on coming up, will be great to do that.

I am in Dallas area. We need a group to represent the Lone Star State !

I could make a trip to Austin…

Me too. Howdy y’all. I would like to meet up my fellow Bubblers from the Lone Star State.

come on guys, lets plan out something to grab a beer and BBQ!

Yes, maybe a weekend that works for y’al.

I’m in Austin.

Just moved to Austin… we all six could meet soon for a meetup or something for real. lets make this happen

I’m in Dallas area. I probably can’t travel to Austin for a beer, but that’s a possibility in Dallas. :slight_smile:

Someone create a Bubble app to sign up for and display potential meeting dates in various cities in the state. :blush:(I’m too new at Bubble to do this quickly. :cry:)

I’m in Austin.

So lets finally do this thing. Thur, Fri, or Sat Evening? @sanandresano @hostmaster @proust007 @brandonlafrantz @vega.andrew

I would be down for sure if we can get a few folks together. I am up in Steiner Ranch, but open to any Austin location. Weekdays (except Friday) are best for me…

Are you guys thinks Austin or Dallas for this?

EDIT - nevermind, Steiner Ranch is in Austin… Where is Austin you guys wanna meet ?

Are ya’ll planning another meet up? I’m in Houston!

I’m in Austin. :raising_hand_man:t2:

Want to host a no-code meetup page on page? :wave:

Also, we have Nucode Austin that has our first meetup there in February (non-tool specific meetups) and you can check that out at the link above.

Austin, TX reporting in! We’re having a meetup for a Solo Founders Facebook group I run this Thursday at Native Hostel. I (Jeddy) will be there all day. Feel free to come by!

@joe5 Cool! Is registration required or can one just show up to the event? (Just checking because I see “0 attendees” there.)

@InCommon I’ll be out of town on a business trip until Sat, so I’m afraid I’m going to miss this one. :slightly_frowning_face: Do you organize these often?

Oh interesting! No, registration isn’t required because it’s just an informal meetup. Not sure why it says 0 attendees.

We’re really active on the Facebook group but these co-working meetups have been more occasional than regular. I plan to host them hopefully every two weeks.

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