Seattle Bubble Meetup

Anyone out there from Seattle?

I’m happy to organize on an ongoing basis. @emmanuel what would you need from me to get one started under the bubble meetup account?

If you’re interested please reply or Like this post and I’ll get in touch.


Hi @121 I’m a Bubbler newbie in the area. Gather any other locals since you posted in January?

Sadly, I’m about 2 hours from Seattle.

I’m in Seattle area, and would love to connect with local bubblers.

Anyone… Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

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Hi, I’m a software engineer over at Pioneer Square Labs in Seattle. We are a startup studio and use Bubble a lot in our proof-of-concept apps and MVPs. I’m posting here to bookmark this and help build critical mass for a meetup.

It’s great to hear from you @adamloving. Count me in. I’m familiar with Pioneer Square Labs and would love to helpful in anyway I can.

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