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Any Bubblers in Dubai?

Hi Everyone,
just wondered if there are bubblers in Dubai. Would you like to meet?

@levon Don’t know if you realised from our other forum discussion.

@AliFarahat and I are in Dubai - we should all meet. What are you working on?

I realized about you when received your submission on :slightly_smiling:
I’ve just launched and will be creating apps for others on bubble ))
yeah definitely it’d be nice to meet.
Maybe there are more bubblers or only us?

I am all up for meeting. I am flying out next friday for a month so if everyone is ok let’s do it sometime before then.

yeah we could try, what’s the best day/time for your guys?
Also, Is any of you interested to participate in STEP conference?
they have an offer for startupers - 2 tickets for 299 USD. I want to buy that to have my own booth. But I will be attending it alone, so I’d like to share the costs.
The regular early bird ticket goes for 249 USD until Marh 8 and then it increases.
What do you think?

I can do Tuesday or Wednesday this week to meet up for an hour or two. @levon I will be participating in step conference but as I have a co-founder we will both be using the tickets.

I can due wednesday? so lets setup a time and place…

Wednesday any time before 3 p.m. would work for me. As for the place I’d prefer somewhere in the proximity of Mall of Emirates, Dubai Marina etc.
Any suggestions?

Mall of the Emirates works for me…How about Wednesday 1pm somewhere in Mall of the Emirates for coffee.

sounds good to me. Paul Cafe?

Gents, Can’t do 1 PM as i am at work! anytime near 5 pm would be better

sorry guys, I can’t do after 5 as I got twin babies to take care of after work :slight_smile: Maybe then we all meet when you come back Ali?

Sounds good, lets organise for when you are back Ali

Ya i think that’s best if everyone if ok with it.

No, but I will be in October (for 24 hours !) :slight_smile:

Great to see people meeting up around bubble and #nocode stuff.

The conference looks very interesting. Are you doing something bubble related ?

I saw a #nocode hackathon recently (might have been india) and was disappointed that they were just creating prototypes when they probably could have built something in that time.

yes, I will showcase as Bubble’s certified partner. We should tell those hackathon people in India about Bubble :slight_smile: or better organize our own Bubble hackathon :slight_smile:

It’s a good idea :slight_smile:

It would be great to democratise hacksthons. You don’t have to be a coder or work all night to build your ideas.

Wonder how it could work ? Offer bubble training then let them loose ?

Might start another thread to discuss.

Hey Craig, I signed up for STEP startup basecamp, so i guess i’ll see you there soon :slight_smile: Which startup are you going to showcase?

Awesome @levon, see you there, I will be showcasing