Any bubblers on here do mentoring? (as a service duh)

I’m looking to build out a project I’ve designed using another design software (, but some of the interactions I have in mind for the project are a bit complex and would require me to do a lot more studying than i want to do…

This is why i wondering if any bubble experts out there would be willing to give lessons for a fee? I’m open to discussing a rate that would suit you best for this sort of service. If this is of any interest to you, feel free to shoot me a PM.

Hey @culiathomas, we offer 1-on-1 personalized help at

Feel free to email if you’d like to discuss further…

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@J805 offers these services at


Hello @culiathomas

I’ll be glad to help you out with this.
Check your PM please and feel free to leave your request on my mail []

Warm Regard
Kevin Parker