Seeking a Bubble mentor

I have been learning Bubble (which is great - thank you btw) and now want to get going on developing an app which I have been designing and documenting for a while now. I know a little about Bubble which shows me its potential but know that I will make a lot of mistakes - which is okay, but to the extent that is possible, would like to avoid a whole pile of rookie mistakes which take a whole pile of time (sadly the thing that I have the least of). So what I am looking for is a Bubble mentor to work with me on my project. My app includes external APIs along with using apps potentially available within Bubble such as OCR. I am doing this project in the early am CST Australia as a personal project outside of work - this is currently early / mid afternoon west coast US time, later for the east coast of US. Happy to determine an appropriate mentor rate or mutually agreed commercial arrangement. Cheers Sandra

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goto @romanmg


Hello Sandra,

I’m still fairly new myself, but I’ve done some work with OCR on bubble. If you need some help, let me know.


I recommend Troy. He’s a great mentor.

Hi Troy, Thanks for your message. It would be great to chat further - could you please email me at