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Any developers that can help me get the SQL plugin working with an Azure SQL database?

Hi all, we use the SQL plugin today with a mySQL database on Google which works awesome. I wanted to also set this up though to use a SQL database with an Azure SQL one but having issues getting beyond the connection string. I make some progress but then get random errors with no actual error message.

I’m fine actually using SQL and the plugin itself, but just having trouble with the initial connection. I can easily provide the server information, credentials and so on, but was trying to find someone that can just set it up for me. Please send me a message if you think you might be able to assist!

Hi Lisa, hope you’re well.

Did you make any progress on this? I’m looking to integrate with an Azure SQL DB but it proving tricky!!!


I set the configuration with connection url string:
mysql://[email protected]

but the queries return this error:
SQL Database Connector issue: Got packets out of order.

The only workaround for me was to install MySQL Server on Azure VM.
It’s a bit longer process, but it worked fine.