Anyone successful with Bubble and Azure SQL Server?

I am having absolutely no luck with getting the Bubble SQL Connector to work with my Azure SQL Server instance. I installed the plugin and tried to create a connection, but the Bubble interface things I am trying to connect to mySQL despite my having chosen SQL Server in the dropdown. I get an error message saying my connection string is not formatted properly, but it gives me an example string that is clearly mySQL.

After reading the forums, I found that others had made the string not error by choosing NO database option for the connection string, however, when testing that string, I get no response. No error, but no confirmation either.

I have submitted a bug ticket, but in the meantime, I was wondering if anyone had actually gotten Bubble to connect to an Azure SQL Server instance and if so, how?


I discovered the problem. There is a bug, it is just a different bug than I thought. it is also not limited to SQL Server. I created a MySQL instance and it had the same problem.

The SQL Connector Plugin doesn’t know how to handle special characters in the connection string…at least in the password. I had a password that has a few special characters in it and eventually, while trying twenty other things, I changing the password to something simple and POOF it worked.

So if anyone else was having problems trying to connect to a database via the connector, look to see if your password is “too good”.


Example of what will work and what will fail.

Azure SQL Example

This will fail

This will not


Its because the # character is a special character for uri’s … you should urlencode the password before putting it in the connection string. # would become %some hex number …

Thanks, though to be fair I shouldn’t have to do that, the plugin should handle it.

Thank you for posting your solution. I was stuck until i came across this post and changed my pw. Also, I was omitting the “?encrypt=true” just during test. But it turns out this was required to connect successfully.

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