Any free-ish html5 video player with encryption?

Is there any free/open source or not-so-costly streaming solution with encryption? Or any other way to make it harder for people to download videos?

I already have a lot of unused bandwidth on a server, so I wouldn’t really need a video hosting solution. I would just need a player that doesn’t allow people to download videos so easily. Passwords/private links wouldn’t work since I would like to protect these from the very people I would allow to watch them. :smirk:

I know, I know… you can’t prevent people from stealing them, they can record the screen with a camera, etc. But I just want to make it harder for regular Joe to download them. For God’s sake, I can’t believe how friendly are most free services/players in not only allowing people to freely download anything, but even subtly encouraging it.

I’m hoping my reply to this helps bring it back to the top. I am looking for this as well. I am using a very good plugin, but it still can be downloaded from with a free chrome plugin. The Basic bubble one doesn’t allow for that, but there are so many things it wont do.

Hello @ben4 , would you mind to share which “very good” pluggin you are using?

Here are the two that I suggest.

This one is not built on Vimeos Player and such will not offer any protection:

This one is built on Vimeos Player and MIGHT offer some protection:

Hope this helps!


If you are interested:

I have created a fileuploader that work with Publitio (not already released, but ready for testing)