Any good information on setting up oauth in bubble?


I’m looking at building an internal integration library for my app so users can sync user data from my app back to services like Stripe and Mailchimp. I’m looking at documentation and struggling to understand and there isn’t many YouTube videos on how to do this.

Has anyone every used oauth to sync services like stripe and get both stripe and bubble app to GET and POST data to each other?


Hello @dfahimifar

Bubble has a deep integration with Stripe. Download the Bubble made Stripe plugin and explore its options. This is not strictly oAuth but is very powerful. Here an interesting video showing a use case for a marketplace: How To Process Marketplace Payouts With Stripe Connect In - YouTube

Building an oAuth integration with third party services is possible via the API connector.

Here a great post by @ambroisedlg about one with Hubspot:

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