Any ideas on how to build a DAW?


Im working on a new DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), like FL Studio, Ableton etc for music artists, producers and engineers to create songs with with a focus on collaboration.

Im not expecting someone to lay out the whole blueprint but does anyone have quick thoughts or ideas on how I should/would go about building this?

Any plug ins, APIs I would need?

Thank you for your time!

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My initial thought (I’m an ACID user) is that you can’t use Bubble to create a DAW.

Not even sure you could get MIDI to work.

thank you for your response!

Shouldn’t midi be possible for a app via a wrapper?

And maybe for a web-app via html5? Think non-bubble sites like these have it?

I’m def not convinced you’d be able to build a fully featured DAW but i think simple interfaces might be possible… im guessing a challenge would be getting multiple streams of audio to start plying exactly at the same time so they stay in sync.

I would probably look at JUCE if i was gunna try to build a full featured DAW. I’m hoping to put a simple midi output and a 2 track audio recorder in a future bubble app though…

Loads of ideas. I’m on my phone now so let’s chat later!

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I think you might be right. It is an interesting idea.

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I’ve played with this as well. The most important plugin you need is an audio plugin that will allow great control over playing audio files.

I think that HTML5 plugin is the best one as of late… unless some whipper snapper pumped out a new snazzy upgrade!