Can I build an audio editor?

I’m hoping someone on here who has more experience with the capabilities of Bubble can let me know whether they think it is possible to create an audio editor application using Bubble?

I’ve seen there is an audio player and an audio recorder/visualisation plugin, but I’m not sure whether this is what I’m after.

If you see in the screenshot what I am after, it needs to be able to record voice, select a backing track, trim / fade the vocal recordings, and publish it in mp3 format (after getting through a paywall).

Thank you all!


My opinion is to find outside the good js api that fit your needs and than, implement it in Bubble (with the help of a freelancer). I’m buying.

Be sure it’s working at least on Chrome, Safari and IE, Android and iOS best.



I was just thinking about something on these lines the other day. I’m super new to development work so did’t even know where to start.

If you don’t mind please let me know how your search goes and if you find a solution.

With gratitude always.

Thanks JohnMark,

What is the best route of finding a freelancer?

I’ve messaged a few of the design agencies I’ve seen floating around who use Bubble - but wanted to see if there is a better route you tend to go down.

You have to make a public announcement or private chat everyone that is at least ‘trustable’.
Ali, Jarrad, and others, look for popular plugins.