Any ideas on how to do coach marks?

Hi, I would like to use coach marks on my app to guide my users through some functions once. Anybody would like to share their experience? Or I just need to be creative? Thank you!

Coachmarks seem straightforward. Simply create a group that’s, say, dark colored and semi-transparent. Make it the full width of the page and full height. Then, add text and perhaps arrows on top of the semi-transparent group. Place the text and arrows so they point out the underlying content as you desire. Then include a button for the user to close the coachmarks and, when clicked, run a workflow that hides the group, or perhaps animates it with a fade out. Last step, be sure to set-up responsive so that the words and arrows line up with the content for each size screen. That should do it.


Would add one step:
Create a yes/no field on the user in the database, checked after closing the layer and the appropriate condition on the layer’s visibility.
So the user doesn’t see it each time…


Thank you @sridharan.s and @jakubdab! It worked great!

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